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App Controlled Christmas Tree – Do you want to get a Christmas tree in this season of Christmas? If yes then, why don’t you get an app-controlled Christmas tree?

Christmas is by the corner and families are planning for the holiday, most of such plans is for gifts, food, and most of all, decorations.

Christmas decorations are one thing that can never be left out during the Christmas holiday, this is why many people put in effort to get their Christmas decorations done on time.

What’s a Christmas decoration without a Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree is one of, if not the most important decoration that is put in place during the Christmas celebration.

The tree is beautifully decorated with lights and other decorative ornaments used for decoration.

There are different types of Christmas tree available for use, there is natural and there is synthetic.

The natural Christmas tree which is gotten naturally from the woods, this could be fir, spruce, or pine, any of these is a typical natural tree used for Christmas decorations.

For the synthetic Christmas tree, synthetic materials like, fibers and polyethylene are used and most of them come pre-decorated.

App Controlled Christmas Tree

The new type of synthetic Christmas tree that is available is one that is app controlled.

Yes, an app-controlled Christmas tree.

This is a Christmas tree that is and can be controlled by the use of a mobile application on a mobile device either Android or iOS.

This type of Christmas tree is what is currently in vague now, and it uses Bluetooth and WiFi technology to achieve connection with the mobile device.

The things that can be controlled by the app include,

  • The lights
  • Songs or sounds if any
  • Some even have a voice assistant like Alexa

One of the most renowned brands that produces these trees is Twinkly.

Where to Buy Twinkly App Controlled Christmas Trees

Twinkly is a brand known for the production of app-controlled Christmas tree, there are varieties of these tree.

The differences in Twinkly Christmas trees may and usually includes,

  • Tree height
  • Number of lights
  • Connectivity type (Bluetooth and WiFi)
  • Tree color
  • Tree type

And more.

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The tree can be gotten from,

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Balsamhill
  • BestBuy

And others.

To purchase this awesome app-controlled Christmas tree click any of the stores with link above and you can get an awesome Christmas with Twinkly Christmas tree.

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