Delete Facebook friend | How to delete or Unfriend anyone on FB

Delete Facebook friend | How to delete or Unfriend anyone on FB – Facebook today is one of the largest social media platforms if not the largest having the highest number of users with over 1 billion users. This platform was actually created for so many purposes which is making life much easier for everyone in the world. With the help of Facebook, you can communicate with families and friends all over the world either through chats or video calls and you can get your response back immediately or later when they see your messages or missed video calls. This can be done once you are connected to the internet.

Delete Facebook friend

Delete Facebook friend

In this context, we will be reading through how we can easily delete some unwanted friends on Facebook successfully. There are so many reasons why we might just want to unfriend anyone on Facebook which some are unknown friends, toxic friends, disturbing friends, privacy sake, etc. so let’s quickly look at the few steps to take when you want to delete or unfriend anyone on Facebook.

Here are some reasons you might want to delete a Facebook friend:

  • To maintain your privacy
  • When you find them annoying
  • Irrelevant content post
  • If your interest and theirs don’t match
  • To clean up your newsfeed
  • To maintain good relationships
  • To avoid misunderstanding.

Deleting a friend on Facebook is very easy, These are very simple steps to take. Whenever you delete a person they are not notified so you can unfriend as many friends as you want.

Here is how to delete a Facebook friend

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Search for the person you want to unfriend and enter the profile
  • A menu will show once you click on the friend icon then you unfriend from that list
  • Tap the unfriend link
  • Once this is done then you have to unfriend the person successfully

Alternatively you can do this:

  • Open Facebook on your device.
  • Enter the person’s name on the search box
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Select the unfriend and click confirm to unfriend.

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