How To Search For People On Facebook – Find People on Facebook

How To Search For People On Facebook . You’ll all agree with me that Facebook is one of the most comfortable places to search for people online, that, amongst its many other features that makes it the largest social networking site in the computer age today.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users on, with more and more people signing up to join the Facebook family, so you could be positive that the person you want to look up on Facebook is actually existing there, which brings us to today’s topic; How to search for people on Facebook, which we  shall be explaining explicitly.

How To Search For People On Facebook - Find People on Facebook

Advantage of Facebook Search Box

Before we discuss searching for people on Facebook, let me quickly stress the importance of taking advantage of the information boxes provided by Facebook at our disposal to fill the basic and necessary information such as age, gender, your name or nickname (one that is very familiar to others, at least) on your profile, as this could be helpful in helping other users locate you easily, as one of the major purpose of Facebook is to bring people closer.

Finding Someone On Facebook | How To Find Someone On Facebook

There are more than one ways to find someone on Facebook, as we’ll get to see as we read below, but the bulk of these options is built on the profile information provided by the person you’re searching for. Let’s quickly get down to these options available to us to find people on Facebook:

Search By The Person’s Name On Facebook

You can explore this option by taking advantage of the large search bar at the top of the homepage. Engage the search bar and enter the name of the person you’re looking for, and click on the search button. A list of people bearing identical names to the person you searched for appears. Scroll through the names from the result list to select who you’re looking for.

Search By The School They Attended

Say you don’t know the person’s name, then you probably should know or two things about the person, right? Searching through the educational background is another option that is very effective in looking up people on Facebook since a good percentage of Facebook users always add their educational background ( to an extent ) to their Facebook profile.

Have You Tried Friends Of Friends?

Have you? Even if I don’t know your name, it’s very possible that I could know one or two of your friends, who are most likely going to be on Facebook. So going through the friends list of someone you’re looking for could actually make your search easier and faster.

Search By Phone Number

Facebook could actually help you identify an unknown number (I don’t mean a hidden number, though). How do you do this? Just type the person’s number on the search bar and see what shows up. This doesn’t typically work in all cases, but you could run into luck and dig up a relevant information about an old friend.

Other means of finding someone on Facebook includes finding them through groups, or information related to the user, as all these play a major role in helping you find the person you’re looking for.

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