Tesla Phone Model Pi Review 2022: Cost, Release Date, Specs and Features

Tesla Phone Model Pi Review 2022 – A united State of American base Electric Vehicle producer has recently announced the release of Tesla mobile model pi, this will be the first phone from Elon Musk’s company (Tesla Inc.) with Starlink internet support and Marscoin mining.

In September 2021, devdiscourse.com reported: “2021 did not pass by Elon Musk. Every day in search engines, people ask the same question – Is Tesla releasing a phone? Yes, we will see Elon Musk’s smartphone soon.”

The model pi is similar to the iPhone 12, with a quad-camera, a sub-screen front camera, and a special coating that allows the body to change color.

Tesla Phone Model Pi Review 2022

Some features of the Tesla Model Pi Smartphone:

  • Equipped with a quality 4K screen
  • A cluster of 4 cameras with the main camera of 108MP resolution, powered by Snapdragon 898 SoC chip.
  • Up to 2TB flash storage.
  • Integrated solar charging technology.
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and 5G technology.
  • Support Internet Starlink from SpaceX with download speeds up to 210 Mbps.
  • Ability to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency.

The Tesla Model Pi smartphone is believed to be released by 2022 which is seen to be the next-generation smartphone.

Tesla has announced that the new smartphone will have some advanced technology and would be easily found in all countries of the world. Basically, the device will have high resolution and the network system will be active in places such as forests, mountains, and even planet mars. This is because the smartphone will have the ability to receive network from the satellite.

Rumors that Tesla is indeed making a smartphone were bolstered after the world-famous design studio ADR released concept images (in a video). This made people wonder: Is Tesla going to go after the iPhone — or simply create an entirely new market segment, such as a true-to-form satellite phone that works where traditional Wi-Fi or 5G services are absent, and able to mine cryptocurrencies anywhere, including on the planet Mars?

The network system “Star-Link” is a system that is equipped with advanced tech and allows users to download data with very fast internet, it has a download capability of range 150MBPS – 200MBPS.

Release Cost

The Tesla company is all prepared to release the Tesla Model Pi smartphone at a rumored price of $259 USD on December 21, 2022 as expected in the US. This has not been officially announced but the company will do so before the date of release.

Neural Link Phone

The model Pi is also rumored to have a brain-phone interface from Neuralink. The company was controlled by Musk in developing bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.

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