WhatsApp wallpaper customization | How to customize WhatsApp wallpaper.

WhatsApp wallpaper customization – WhatsApp is one of the top social media users to send messages, send files, send recorded audios or videos to your contact list but for these to be done you need to be connected to the internet.

The WhatsApp app is owned by the famous Mark Zuckerberg who is also the owner of Facebook and Instagram. Mark has a brand that is really doing its amazing work making sure that social media keeps its top-notch every now and then to its user’s satisfaction whereby he upgrades its features.

WhatsApp wallpaper customization

WhatsApp wallpaper customization

WhatsApp originally has its default wallpaper background which if you don’t like you can actually change using any picture of your choice from your gallery. The new WhatsApp customization feature gives your chat an amazing appearance whiles chatting. Mark has really made it possible for every WhatsApp user to have lots of different WhatsApp wallpaper customized.

As you read through in this context you will have the knowledge on how you can customize your own WhatsApp wallpaper either you an android or iPhone user all will be written down.

How to set WhatsApp wallpaper for android.

Below are the easy steps in which you can build your WhatsApp wallpaper with no difficulties.

  • Click on your WhatsApp to open on your android phone
  • Select any of the chat contacts you which to change the background or you can also use the search box to search the contact.
  • Click on the menu icon in the toolbar
  • Select wallpaper
  • Different types of wallpaper will be displayed for you to pick any of your choices.
  • Select from the above once listed and make it your WhatsApp wallpaper.

With these few steps you have successfully customized your chat wallpaper.

How to set WhatsApp wallpaper for iPhone.

Here are the basic few steps you can also use to set the chat wallpaper.

  • Open to the WhatsApp app on your iPhone mobile
  • Select the chat contact you want to customize the wallpaper
  • Click the profile picture of the chat whiles the chat is open
  • Select the wallpaper and sound icon
  • Select wallpaper
  • Choose from the once displayed to make your wallpaper
  • You can choose to resize it to fit into the chat room or make it dark, bright, etc.

These are the basic tips on how to customize the WhatsApp wallpaper using the android or iPhone phone.

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